Green Program Expands to Bike Fix-It Stations

The Towbes Group, as part of its green program, has installed a bike fix-it station at Pacific Oaks Apartments, corner of Hollister Avenue and Pacific Oaks Drive, adjacent to the new bike lanes installed by the city of Goleta along Hollister Avenue.


This is the second, of five bike fix-it stations installed to date. The Towbes group said it expects to complete the installation of bike fix-it stations across the residential and commercial properties in Goleta by August.

Many residents at Towbes Group communities throughout Santa Barbara County live within biking distance to their work locations.

The Pacific Oaks Apartments community is within five miles of Goleta’s major employers.

Among working Pacific Oaks residents, 68 percent work within five miles of their apartments. A larger group, 84 percent of working Pacific Oaks residents, work within 12 miles of their apartments, the Towbes Group reports.

These figures are consistent with all Towbes apartment communities in Goleta, Towbes Group said.


The proximity of Pacific Oaks Apartments, along with the new and modified bike paths in the city of Goleta, makes bike commuting from this and all Towbes Group properties in Goleta easy, Towbes Group said.

“We want to foster a community that uses alternatives to driving, and the investments of bike fix-it stations, bike parking, and miles of bike paths around us are further evidence of what businesses, municipalities and individuals can all do to make it easier to leave the car at home,” said Craig Zimmerman, president of The Towbes Group.

The Towbes Green Program is a company-wide initiative to meet, and in some cases exceed, energy- and water-efficiency standards at new and existing properties; support alternative modes of transportation; and encourage environmentally-conscious living, Towbes Group said.

Currently, nearly 60 percent of the Towbes Group residential communities are Green Business certified, with two new certifications earned each year, the company reports.

To mark the installation, and bring awareness to the importance of bike use on the Central Coast for a positive impact on the environment, a commuter bike was donated by The Towbes Group. Bici Centro and the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition donated a commuter bike-apparel kit. Both were raffled.

By Jessica Doss for the Towbes Group

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